Where to Look for Your Indusind Bank ID or Recover a Lost One

Today We Know Where to Look for Your Indusind Bank ID or Recover a Lost One.A customer’s mobile phone number on file with the bank will be used to send them a registration PIN after they’ve completed ATM registration. The user name and password they have been given will serve as their customer ID.

However, there are situations when a consumer cannot recall their customer ID. The following are some of the options accessible to you as an IndusInd Bank client when using your customer ID to access your account information.
Each banking account has its own Customer ID, a special number generated by the bank. Your bank account number and these are two different things. Find out how to get your IndusInd Bank Customer ID here. If you want to know how to do this, I will tell you. It’s really easy to track down this ID.

These days, customers of banks don’t even need to visit a branch or an ATM facility to have their banking needs met, thanks to the broad availability of various technologies. The ability to conduct financial transactions through the Internet is one such option. If you bank with Indusind Bank and want to use their online banking services, you’ll need to either register for or log in using a customer ID.

Indusind user id in Mobile Banking Application

Do you still need help even after trying the aforementioned solutions? We still have a possible answer. All of these options involve working offline or obtaining necessary bank paperwork. We’re going to see if we can find an answer anywhere on the web.

To further serve its clients, IndusInd Bank is introducing mobile banking. Online banking and financial transactions are now available to consumers. Using the Indusind bank’s mobile app. Learn how to access your Indusind User id in the Indus Mobile app online by following the instructions below.

  • You may get the Indus Mobile app from the Play store at this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fss.indus&hl=en IN.
  • Join the agreement by accepting the terms and conditions
  • Specify the mobile phone number associated with your bank account.
  • To sign up, choose “Register Now” and “Continue.”
  • After signing into the app’s system. The Indus Mobile app is where you will locate your customer id.

Where to Look for Your Indusind Bank ID or Recover a Lost One

Through passbook

The account holder’s customer ID is listed on the passbook that was provided to them. The customer ID is shown under the name and account number. You should plan on it and make sure to include it wherever it is needed. If one does not have the information imprinted, they can always visit the nearest branch to obtain it.

Via Account Statement

Customer identifiers are also included on the account statement. For anyone interested, it is AVAILABLE in all caps. It’s a special 9-digit number that grants access to a wide range of features and functions. To find the same, they need only flip open the cheque book to the first page.

By Visiting Home Branch

If you’re having trouble or simply don’t want to try the approaches I just outlined, I’m here to help. Also, you can always use the option of going to the branch of IndusInd Bank closest to your home. For assistance locating your Customer ID, visit the bank’s branch.

By Calling Customer Care

1860-267-7777 is the IndusInd Bank’s toll-free number for contacting customer service. To reach a bank support executive, choose the appropriate IVR menu option. Ask for your customer ID by letting the executive know that you need it. The executive will inquire about your banking history. Correctly respond to all of the questions. And the executive will provide your credentials to you.


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