Mini Statements From Bank Of India By Via Missed Call

Today We Know Mini Statements From Bank Of India By Via Missed Call .Mini statements are available at most banks and enable you to see your most recent five transactions with a missed call. If you have an account with the Bank of India and you want to check your Mini statement, you may do so by sending a Missed call or an SMS from your registered mobile phone. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the process if you’re interested.

It is essential for everyone to review their monthly bank statement in order to plan for upcoming expenses. It is preferable to amend the statement passbook in person, although this is not always practicable. Mini-statements detailing the past 10 transactions are thus made available by several institutions. And there are a plethora of ways to get a Bank of India mini statement and record your transactions.

If you have a micro statement number from the Bank of India, you may use it to get details about your past financial dealings. The BOI mini statement is also available via their online banking service and by SMS. Accessing a Bank of India mini statement may be done in one of the ways listed below.It’s possible that anybody here has an immediate need for the recent history of purchases.

You may get the mini statement via online banking, the ATM, or by calling the bank. There is a significant time commitment involved with any of these choices. Using phone banking takes a lot of time since you have to follow instructions and hit numbers.

If you choose to phone the branch, be prepared to wait on the line for some time and answer some identification verification questions. Getting a brief notice of a missed phone call or text message seems like a nice idea. Customers of the Bank of India now have the option of getting their mini statement by sending a missed call and an SMS to a designated number.

Mini Statements From Bank Of India By Via Missed Call

importants notes to get bank of India mini statements

  1. To use the service, you must phone from your verified mobile number.
  2. Your account number and a brief summary will be sent to the cellphone number on file.
  3. You must register your preferred account if you have used the same mobile number for numerous accounts at the same bank.
  4. There will be no costs associated with using this service.
  5. In order to get text messages from your bank, you must first connect your cell phone to the account.

Mini Statements From Bank Of India By Via Missed Call

If you dial 09015135135 or 09266135135 from your registered mobile phone number, your call will be immediately stopped after a few rings. After the conversation is over, a text message containing your account number and a brief summary will be sent to your phone. Additionally, the facility is available to consumers all day long and is free of charge. Keep in mind that your BOI small statement will not come with any kind of accompanying message. If you haven’t connected your cell phone number to your financial institution yet.

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