How to Block PNB ATM Card

Today We Know How to Block PNB ATM Card.When it comes to banking in India, Punjab National Bank is at the top of the list of recommended institutions because of the excellent service they consistently deliver to all of their customers. This bank provides customers with a full suite of services designed to streamline their banking experience.

Internet banking, debit/credit card, mobile banking, and automated teller machine card services are all at your disposal. It’s simple to withdraw money from your Punjab National Bank account or make purchases using your debit card or ATM card.

In the event of a lost or stolen ATM or debit card, users may find themselves in a bind. Having your ATM card hotlisted is a necessary precaution to take in these circumstances. If you have an account with Punjab National Bank, you may freeze your ATM or debit card using the instructions below.

When written out, Punjab National Bank becomes PNB. The Punjab National Bank (PNB) was established on May 19, 1894 as a government-owned bank with its main office in New Delhi. In other words, it’s a government-run financial institution. Presently, PNB reports to India’s Ministry of Finance. The delight of their clients is their primary goal.

They’re become more and more computer savvy every day so they can provide a secure and reliable service to their consumers. For security reasons, you may prevent further use of a lost or stolen ATM card by immediately suspending its access password.

How to Block PNB ATM Card

Block PNB ATM Card Through PNB Online Net Banking

As long as the PNB customer has access to the internet and knows the cardholder’s login and password, blocking the card may be done quickly and simply using net banking. The following are the necessary procedures for blocking the card:

  • Enter the Punjab National Bank’s secure website.
  • When you’re ready to handle your finances on a more individual level, follow the link.
  • Enter your Punjab National Bank credentials on the new page’s login form.
  • First, choose your language from the drop-down menu, and then go to the “sign in” option.
  • There will be a fresh start once again. You may access the “value added services” tab from the menu bar at the top of your screen. Simply hit the link below.
  • A menu of choices appears when you click the button.
  • To hotlist your debit card, click the link provided.
  • After that, choose the bank account number that is linked to the ATM card you want to cancel
  • After making the right selection, proceed by clicking “continue.”
  • The bank may have issued a One-Time Password (OTP) to the cellphone number you provided.
  • Simply enter the OTP where it’s asked for and hit the “confirm” button.
  • A notification will appear to indicate the temporary suspension of your Punjab National Bank ATM card.

Through PNB Customer Care Number

Those who are Punjab National Bank clients may also contact the following numbers to have their PNB ATM cards temporarily disabled:

  1. For free banking services from Punjab National Bank, dial 1800 103 2222 or 1800 180 2222.
  2. Call 0120-2490000 to reach a customer service representative at Punjab National Bank.
  3. Direct line to the ATM switch: 011-23319972

If you contact PNB through one of these lines, you will be connected to a representative who will help you with your inquiry. Be prepared to answer certain questions about your PNB Debit card and account in order to verify your status with this representative. A representative would assist you in immediately disabling your Debit card if you provided the correct replies. Your card would be blocked, and a confirmation message would be sent to your cell phone.

Block Debit Card via Mobile Banking

To disable an ATM card, Punjab National Bank provides a mobile banking feature. To cancel a debit card transaction in your mobile banking, just follow the on-screen prompts.

  • Find the PNB Mobile Banking app on the Play store on your mobile device and download it.
  • Go ahead and enter your username and password to log in.
  • In the Services menu, choose the “Debit card” subheading.
  • Choose the “Hotlist Debit card” option.
  • If you’ve misplaced your debit card, you may access the funds in the account of your choice.
  • Please press the next button to proceed.
  • To disable an ATM card, click the Block option.

PNB Bank ATM Card Block by SMS

A consumer may request their ATM card be blocked through text message by dialing the associated service number. The registered mobile number must be used to send the text.

  • Here are the procedures you’ll need to take to freeze your PNB ATM card;
  • Launch the text messaging program on your phone.
  • Select the option that allows you to send a text message.
  • Just text HOT>CARD NUMBER> to 5607040.
  • A text message from your verified cellphone number is required.
  • A message confirming the ATM card ban has been sent to you.

Send the message “HOT 305884567895XXXX” to the number 5607040.


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