Guide to Online SBI SMS Alert Function and Its Activation Deactivation

Today We Know Guide to Online SBI SMS Alert Function and Its Activation Deactivation. An innovative and helpful feature is the SMS Alerts system.All transactions, including withdrawals, deposits, and the clearing of checks, are immediately communicated to the clients. Customers may always know the status of their bank account with the help of the SMS alert service. Every user has to sign up for the SMS Alerts service that sends out messages to a predetermined cellphone number.

To start receiving SMS notifications, you may either go to the branch or submit a request via the website. SMS notifications may be activated or deactivated using Online SBI. If you want to switch to a new number, you’ll need to deactivate the old one’s service first.You can save yourself a trip to the branch. To turn on or turn off SMS Alerts, just follow the on-screen prompts as written.

The State Bank of India is widely regarded as one of India’s most trustworthy financial institutions. It offers a wide variety of services to its customers. However, it often sends several SMS notifications that are not essential. If you no longer want to receive this SMS notification, you may do so at any time using the online banking interface. You may turn on or turn off online SMS notifications by following these simple steps:

Accessing and modifying your SMS notifications online

  1. To access your online banking at State Bank of India, visit their website.
  2. Select the “e-services” option from the main menu.
  3. Pick the “SMS Alerts Service” option from the drop-down menu.
  4. Choose the account you want to activate SMS alerts for from the displayed list, and then click OK.
  5. You may customize the alerts you get by selecting events like
  • Stop Payment on Cheque Request
  • Acquisitions Made With a Debit Card
  • Attention: Problems with Check Books
  • Warning: Check Was Not Honored
  • Put a hold on the funds
  • Lift restrictions on accessing funds, etc.

6.To continue, enter the desired value and check the box next to the alert’s name before clicking the “Update” button.

Guide to Online SBI SMS Alert Function and Its Activation Deactivation

Guide to Online SBI SMS Alert Function and Its Activation Deactivation

You may have text notifications delivered to your phone from your bank every time anything new happens with your account. Instant messages will be sent to you with the transaction information and the amount deducted when you make a withdrawal from your account or make a payment using your debit card, credit card, or online banking service. Similar notifications will be sent to you whenever funds are put into your account, regardless of how they were originally deposited. Services that provide alerts through text message help to ensure a secure and hassle-free banking experience for users.

Several helpful services are available to those who bank with SBI, or the State Bank of India. To begin receiving SMS notifications of account activity, you must first activate the service. Similarly, if you no longer want to receive SMS notifications, you must deactivate the service. If you are a retail client of SBI, you may manage your SMS alert services online.

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