Get SBI CIF Number Online Without Passbook

Today We know Get SBI CIF Number Online Without Passbook.Do you need to retrieve your CIF number from State Bank of India? If you need assistance locating your CIF number, I am here to help. In order to enroll in SBI’s online banking services, clients often request this CIF number. It’s also important to have a CIF number in order to move your State Bank of India account to a different branch. I’ll go through two different approaches to finding the SBI CIF number. Both sbi cif number on cheque book and sbi cif number without passbook options are available. You may use one of the two approaches I describe below.

There is no more crucial phrase in banking than CIF. Data regarding an account holder’s personal characteristics may be kept in a CIF file. A CIF number is assigned to each and every CIF file. With over 24000 branches in India and 190 offices in 35 other countries, SBI is by far the largest bank in India. The Customer Information File Number (CIF code) serves as another name for the CIF code. Simply said, a CIF Number is… You don’t have your SBI passbook and need to look for your SBI CIF number; this post is for you. Here we will explain what the SBI CIF number is and how to locate it via the Yono app, Online Banking, or the SMS service.

CIF, or customer information file, is a phrase that is crucial to the financial sector. It’s jargon for the personal data banks need to manage customer accounts. The CIF is represented by an 11-digit number. Information concerning the client’s loans, account, and Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements (such as address, ID, and proof of citizenship) are all stored here.

Get SBI CIF Number Online Without Passbook

What is CIF number in SBI

Customer Information File (CIF) is the complete form used in the financial services industry. When you create a bank account, the institution assigns you a unique 11-digit number known as a CIF.

A CIF number is assigned to each customer once they register a new bank account.

Details about the individual are stored with their CIF number in the format shown below.

  1. Details about you: name, gender, marital status, birthday, age, nomination information, mobile phone number
  2. Validation of Mailing Address (Communication and Permanent)
  3. Specification of a Bank Account Number
  4. National Identity Document ( For active loans and your ITR )
  5. The World Wide Web Banking System

Find the cif number sbi by visiting near bank branch

Obtaining a CIF number is as simple as visiting any SBI office and asking for one. They will start with a series of verification questions. Afterwards, they’ll verify your details and give you a CIF number to use going forward. Whenever you go to the bank, be sure to have your Passbook along with some kind of identification.

Get the cif number sbi by customer care

If you don’t have time to go by the local SBI branch, we’ve got you covered.

Gaining access to a CIF number may be facilitated in a variety of ways.

You may contact the toll-free number supplied by the bank and explain the nature of your concern to a customer service representative.

You were given some simple questions to help the customer service professional establish your identification.

Once the person has confirmed your identification, they will send your CIF number to the address and phone number you provided.

  • 1800 425 3800
  • 1800 11 2211
  • 0802 659 9990

This is toll free number cif number sbi for customer care.

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