Download City Union Bank RTGS Form NEFT Form PDF

Today We Know Download City Union Bank RTGS Form NEFT Form PDF.The real-time gross settlement system (RTGS) and the national electronic funds transfer system (NEFT) are two of the most efficient, secure, cost-effective, and dependable methods of transferring money. Transferring money from one bank to another is a breeze using City Union Bank’s Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) and National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) capability. Its headquarters are in Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu, but City Union Bank Ltd. -CUB is an Indian bank.

All transactions are completed in a continuous manner throughout RTGS’s business hours since RTGS is a Real-time Fund Transfer Service. Many transactions may be processed quickly and easily using the RTGS service.You may send money to another individual or another bank using NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer), an electronic payment system. This payment method involves a series of smaller transactions rather than one large one. To transfer an amount less than 2 million rupees, utilize the National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) system, while for transfers above 2 million rupees, use the Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) system.

The main office of City Union Bank Limited, an Indian financial institution, is in the city of Kumbakonam in the state of Tamil Nadu. Its doors first opened in 1904. Originally called Kumbakonam Bank limited, the name was changed to City Union Bank in the 1980s.

To send and receive money via the banking system, we are aware of the numerous options available. In a matter of seconds, you may choose between a “Offline and Online” transfer and having the money deposited directly into your account. Sending money online may be done at any time, from any location. There is a possibility that the methods we use to transmit the payments have a maximum amount. Therefore, we can utilize RTGS/NEFT transaction services as a means of escape.

Download City Union Bank RTGS Form NEFT Form PDF

How To Fill CUB NEFT and RTGS Form(offline)

These kinds of deals may also be made online these days. It simplifies and streamlines the process. In any case, let’s look at the offline technique now. To begin, please click here to get an application form (PDF). The form is also available at any participating bank branch. The next step is to make a duplicate of the form. Please provide the necessary information in the form. A few essential examples are provided down below.

  • There are two parts to the RTGS/NEFT form. The Remitter information goes in the first area, and the beneficiary information goes in the second.
  • Amount, payment method, and branch information must be entered first, followed by the remittance type (RTGS or NEFT) and the date.
  • In the following fields, please provide the following information about the sender: Name, IFSC code, cheque number, cheque date, account type, account number, customer ID, mobile number, and Pan number.
  • You must now enter the beneficiary’s information, including their name, IFSC code, bank name and branch, account type, city, and mobile phone number.
  • After finishing the form’s extensive form work Fill out the form to the best of your ability and send it to the bank officials.

The applicant must also provide the bank with their account number and the information of the transferable amount. The consumer will get a notification from the bank. while the money is being transferred.

Fill CUB NEFT and RTGS Form Online

City Union Bank has specific procedures for transferring money using RTGS or NEFT.

  • It is recommended that you start by going to the City Union Bank Website.
  • Get in with your user name and password and access your account ( User name will be the Customer Id and Password will be the IPIN).
  • The “Payment and transfers” tab is accessible after logging in.
    Tap the button.
  • Select “Fund Transfer” from the drop-down menu.
  • Options for transferring the funds will be outlined on the new website.
  • Choose between an inter bank transfer (to another bank) or an intrabank transfer (inside the same bank) from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose the appropriate mode of transaction, either RTGS or NEFT.
  • Pick a recipient and fill out their information.
  • Put the amount you want to send in here.
  • Create a description of the transfer. (Which will aid in your ability to keep tabs on your financial dealings)
  • To agree to these terms and conditions, please select the box labeled “I Accept.”
  • To confirm your action, please click “Confirm.”
  • Then the process of transferring funds will begin.


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